On Being Liked, HM the Queen

Much of my Royal/national thoughts from last year’s wedding still stand:

[These links are no longer valid]

I’d like to add a sense of pride* reading a newspaper I do not normally buy who wooed me by claiming they are “5p cheaper than the Mail and 10 times better” and their letters page with warmth for country and the remarkable lady that has remained our figurehead for 3 score.

Perhaps an icon of public restraint of emotion, it is easy to say we love the Queen in the same dutiful way she takes her role.

I have a book, by James Alison, called On Being Liked. It’s about God and I mentioned it in a recent post “Infinitely Beloved”. James says, God doesn’t like us in the dutiful way we may love a monarch – he likes us, for who we are. As much as the Queen’s true persona  is unknown I would like to say, for what I can tell of her, I like the Queen. And in a country of official free speech, I am not obliged to say so a la Orwell’s Big Brother. So I hope it means something that at the end of the Jubilee weekend, I choose to say that. I add with a sting that I’m aware of none who would greet any of the recent prime ministers in the same enthusiasm as our QE. And may she reign  long enough for me to meet her, and until we are ready for the next monarch.

*Not to mislead readers, my usual view of that paper has returned for other behaviours. It was on this principle only

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