A Sense of Place

I have further thought about why travel writing is important to me; about my sense of place being central. When I write fiction, it is grounded in a city or area and that is vital to the story, so I choose carefully. I am always aware of where I am, so that I cannot feel right if  I am not happy with where I reside. I wrote to a friend that if I took a walk, it was a particular city outside, though in my head I was somewhere else.

The city I live in (if it is a city – sometimes I have lived rurally) is vital because I draw from it. The people I meet will also love the area and I must choose somewhere where they think similarly, where their draw is my draw.

I have been writing a book (0r a small series) on my personal thoughts and interactions with cities and also cathedrals. I enjoy looking at my entries to see how my relationship has changed.

I note that with both, I am journeying with a particular ideal in mind and often responding to particular places. In travel, there is one city that has become a benchmark and has been my home twice; there is another city which is kind of moving in the opposite direction, a counter flow… but they are too different to meet.

I am continuing my day out with Elspeth series, now on Hubpages (see https://elspethr.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/my-travel-writing) for links – recent ones are Southampton and Brighton

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