Cynthia Bourgeault – Christian Contemplation

A friend raved about her so I was intrigued when she came to do a local talk. I am sure others went away raving, but I felt Cynthia’s ideas are much like what I’m hearing elsewhere. Perhaps that adds to their veracity, but it felt disappointingly familiar. As she put it, each has its own ‘emotional fragrance’ and the distinctions between different spiritualities are worth keeping, but I haven’t found in her or others something I’d really like to smell.

She spoke of putting your mind in your heart, which is much like others would call living in your soul. She covers much ground, but that’s essentially her message – to live in that deeper place within, and you move though life more easily. And if others did so, it would make a difference to our planet.

I am glad she ended with the last bit, for I was feeling tired of being told how to improve me and forgetting that we live in a world that badly needs altering and healing. In that way, she is on a mission to convert. But what if the people making the most atrocities are not the ones who will listen? I wonder how political leaders might react to a spiritual pamphlet being sent to them? Meanwhile there are wars, riots, poor people being ever more stretched and threatened, liberties eroded… I do believe that change comes from the heart, but am not entirely satisfied that meditation is the way to experience it or to spread it.

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