It’s only a body!

It is a travesty that a man who is not sexually harassing but campaigning is jailed again for nudity. Personally, the only dongle I’d like to bear near is the one that is powering me as a write, as I’m not keen on public nudity – I’d feel deeply uncomfortable if Stephen Gough sat next to me on a plane. But I do not think this should be imprisonable or some kind of peace breach.

I like what the Naked Rambler told a Guardian journalist last year – that the underlying principle is living an authentic life versus the one you’re expected to. And he won’t give in on his cause.

We have a bizarre attitude to nudity. It’s rated alongside horror an violence with full nudity, especially for women, being outlawed. But it’s a body, not something to be ashamed of or offended by. Yes nudity can feel uncomfortable and personally I would reserve it for lovers only. But to make a body something you can be incarcerated for, something censored from cinema screens, something this man can spend years put away for, is utterly wrong. I was more upset that the judge who sentenced him in absentia (since he wouldn’t wear clothes for the hearing) considers this a serous issue.

So do I… for our warped ideas, meanwhile our governments commit atrocities and allow various kind of criminal, who have run our country, stay free. I know who I think deserves prison more.

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