Millionaire women

I won’t name these people in the spirit of not picking on them.

But I’m reading a book by a woman I respect about the lives of millionaire women in the English speaking world, all of whom had a poor start in life.

I’ve been interested in abundance speakers for a time, but I officially rejected the law of attraction after 2 years and have a healthy cynicism for it and the abundance message.

I’ve also become interested in finance – not growing my own, but in the economic system.

And I’ve decided that people like these women are contributing to the poverty of others.

Some mention no spirituality or social causes. Money is an end in itself. Growth of money is an end in itself. I am querying inflation – money does not grow on its own: the markets are created that way. It is the desire for more than brings the prices of everything up – yet some people do not earn more, or not in line with the growth that profits the few.

When on Secret Millionaire, one woman spoke of how she put aside part of her £10 earnings a day to save – but she knew she was on TV for 2 weeks and that her multimillion empire would still be there when her contract finished. Did she have to pay for what so many others do out of that kind of money… bills, rent, insurance, childcare, clothes, etc? She didn’t expect a social life. She didn’t mind cleaning tables in a cafe – a job which she was lucky enough to get on her first day – because she knew it wasn’t for long.

She claimed that by investing the money that most of us spend on the lottery, we would all be millionaires. But lottery money is used for others; it is charitable giving with rewards attached. Her money growth is not benefitting anyone outside of her own circle.

The women in this book have various assistants to do the jobs they hate. They don’t shop or clean or groom their kids. They hate offices, but make employees stay in them whilst they sit by the beach and have food and fresh flowers brought to them. Can’t they see – that they expect others to have different lives and do the jobs they won’t to maintain their dream. One said – you won’t get rich by having a job. The way to make money is through passive riches, ie investment in (italics mine) other people’s companies and in property.
We all need to live under a roof, and yet this need fuels the greed of others.

Another woman spoke of how she gives the impression of being the biggest and so everyone flocks to her, and big is best in New York’s eyes. She is concerned with beating her competitors, even taking staff from them… and it’s this competition that brought in two recessions in my lifetime. Suddenly I feel an interest watching American Psycho (about Yuppies) after all.

Its’ all about people envisioning more, loving the look of money and spreadsheets, and believing that wealth – or lack of it – is simply personal responsibility and attitude. Once they have left poverty behind, they forget what it’s like, believing we can all climb the tree. But the trunk would break, and you make it impossible to have a grounded life for others.

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