Bad Girls – a prison revisited

Twelve years ago, I discovered a television show which was the most significant for my personal development. I’ve just gone back to it and am musing on my thoughts. It’s a bit like going back to primary school and realising the desks are tiny. I’ve both a better respect for the show and more criticism. This is the first time I’ve done a really close reading of the first 3 series, and also looked up other people’s opinions.

I’m still formulating my thoughts on the world of HMP Larkhall, especially the story of Nikki and Helen, but I will post some reviews and ideas elsewhere too – and some fanfiction. This is a new genre to me, being used to writing my own characters, rather than extending other people’s. In recent years, I’ve worked on several pieces of fiction and think at least some might appeal to Bad Girls fans, one of which I hope to publish next year.

I’ve also got an amusing crossfiction idea – all to be shared shortly.

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