Bad Girls: Borrower nor Lender Be

There’s likely to be quite a chain of posts on Bad Girls and I’ll also be posting some fiction and views on fan sites, which I will give links to – I am  currently writing fan fiction for the first 3 series, focussing on Nikki and Helen (and their essential companions and nemeses).

For now, I have some more prison critique and reform to share:

Sharing itself is banned in prison. That means an act of trust and kindness is forbidden where those sorts of qualities matter most.

With the gagging bill going though this week, it means more unviolent people could end up in prison – but the only threat they are is to the establishment, not to the society that they want to improve.

The location that Bad Girls used – Oxford Prison – is now a hotel and heritage attraction. That’s what I’d like to see the majority of prisons become.

Check my tag cloud for other Bad Girls related posts. There’s two already.

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