The Wisdom of Ms Roth

It’s tempting, being a generation older than Veronica Roth of Divergent et al fame, to be dismissive of her years to cover my own jealousy and concerns that she has succeeded when I have yet to publish (but that’s changing soon). But I feel that despite society’s messages – much like the dystopia she writes about – we shouldn’t compare or compete, and I won’t be drawn into feeling disharmony toward others: there is room in the world for everyone to do well. I’m also reading Tom Butler-Bowdon’s Never Too Late To Be Great all about slow cooked success and how he cannot find an example of someone without percolation time of at least a decade. Veronica is an example of that, for despite being only 25, she has written since age 12 and had 48 unfinished manuscripts in her draw.

The blog I learned that latter fact from – “The Art of Not Writing” by Ms Roth – is full of wisdom precisely because of her awareness of being young with lots more growth to go. Veronica too is full of encouragement about not panicking at not having early or one chance at success, about being open to further growth and feedback [I’d put a proviso over the last part of that]. “Cultivate humility [my least favourite word], patience, wisdom,” she extols her readers – and have “compassion for yourself and your work”. So despite having a picture of her leaping round her room to music, the text is thoughtful, mature and helpful, and not of the “I’ve made it so I’m a guru to my captive audience” school. And her thoughts about life were also impressive.

There is about to be a little flurry of posts, all connected to someone in Divergent

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