Holy Week 2020: it’s table turning time

Last year, I wrote about Table Turning Tuesday and I’d like to expand on that this year.

I said, I’d like to see those doves (from the Temple) scattered.

This is the year for scattering the doves, the year we can’t go to temple or church, most of us.

This is the year for examining those practices of ‘temple’, whatever that would be in any of our lives and cultures, examining those pillars to see if they still stand up and what it is they’re holding.

There’s nothing like a pause, having to close doors, to make you think about the practices we have, what’s held within and without those structures.


Here are some things I do not want to come out of the lockdown period:

-Greater state control and watching

-Greater police powers

-Greater reliance on and misuse of technologies (drones, tracking, facial recognition/biometrics are all misuses)

-Abolition or discouragement of physical money because cash is easier to budget, easier to help neighbours at this time, anonymous, and I’d like to see a return to the principle of Gold Standard so that you have physical monetary value, not hypothetical economy which creates more crises

-Less agency over our own bodies and choices

-Thoughtlessness for neighbours: as hotter weather and a bank holiday weekend looms, inflicting the smell from braziers and barbecues, throbbing bass lines and power tools or loud conversations isn’t fair, especially if those around you can’t get out, and are trying to work or are ill. This feels especially harsh this Holy Week for those unable to go out to worship


What I do want to see come out of this virus:

-Citizen’s Income – an unconditional support for each individual

-Abolition of all unnecessary fees, from late library loans to tax returns

-Abolition of debt collection and bailiffs – there is ALWAYS another way

-Abolition of cutting off utilities and more reasonable pricing…are these resources really something to have harnessed and sold back to us?

-Rethink of rent and mortgages, which are too high

-A shift in medicine from biology alone to energy

-Rethinking government and education and many of our practices

-Caring for those in our community, including in unofficial ways

-The enjoyment of stillness and the environment (built and green); the pleasures of walking

-Creative ways to be together, and a new joy in doing so when we can again

-A greater emphasis on spirituality

I’ll be back on Friday evening 7.17 GMT with my 7 Sayings service, and again on Sunday morning




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