About Me

Writer, artist, musician, campaigner

Spiritual, film lover, theatre and cinema goer

Traveller, historian, challenger

I am for justice, privacy and liberty; against punitive laws and many other things revealed in these posts


Please do not use anything on this site without permission. Photos and drawings are also my original work.

The one on this blog’s banner is of Liverpool

See also my Introducing Moi post (yes I was thinking of Miss Piggy)

I’m also on Flickering Myth Film Blog and Hubpages

Links, unless specified, are to my other work within this blog or the others listed

Between The Stools is a new spiritual community. Whereas I see no divide between spiritual and other parts of my life, I have marked some posts – often on a Sunday or other festival date – as BTS. Some are actual sermons and some are gathered thoughts. Some of these can also be listened to – there’ll be a link if so.


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