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Dec 21st – a day for new beginnings

I am excited about today and hope that the shift in energy is apparent, even if it doesn’t manifest to everyone in an obvious way. I do not believe that this is the end of anything except an old way that not longer serves us.

Here are some of the changes I would like to see:

– And end to punitive measures which are really revenue making for the group in power, in the name of safety

– An end to harsh ideologies that make life harder for the poor

– An end to ideologies which erode our freedom and liberties

– An end to judgement of others due to their being different

– An end to hierarchies and justice systems built on fear and power

– An end to conformity to systems that don’t serve us and in cures and protections that actually cause harm


A beginning of

– Greater Consideration for others

– Fearlessness in facing our own problems and those of our world

– Greater skill in expressing ourselves

– Greater love in the world

– Closer relationships with each other and God

– the Courage to reassess our current systems and values, see that they are mostly not working, and restart

– Changes of heart for our leaders especially


We live in exciting times.

Warmest wishes and light to all over this Christmas and New Year – and to the dawning of this new age.



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